Author Visits

Bookstore / Library Visits:

Something magical happens during pen-to-paper gatherings. People remember how fun it is to write from an open-ended prompt and share on-the-spot creations with a group.  I lead inter-generational Creative Writing Adventures and letter writing circles at Independent Bookstores, libraries, community centers, and arty-type shops/boutiques. Contact me directly and we’ll plan a lively workshop using activities from my books.

School / Book Fair Visits:

Invite my Creative Writing Adventures workshops to your school as a visiting author for a Talk/Workshop and we’ll play on and off the page. Poem in Your Pocket; Shape-Shifter; The Magic of Word Tickets; Acrostic Antics; & How to Give Your Haiku a Haircut are some of the most popular Creative Writing Adventure requests. Teachers benefit, too, by writing along with their students, something I highly encourage.  I’ve brought Creative Writing Adventure workshops into public and private schools for 20+ years through the California Poets in the Schools program.  Teachers coordinate my Author Visits/Creative Writing Adventures with their Schools’ Book Fairs.

Go-To Activities:

For writing ideas, here are sample activities from Rip the Page! and Leap Write In! They offer a flavor for the ways my books get kids and teens inspired and excited to pick up a pen.  Note: Click on the link below to open the PDF in your web browser. Right click and save the link if you would like to download it to your computer.

Karen Benke’s Resources (Printable PDF)

Write Back Soon! Teacher’s Guide

The WBS! Teacher’s Guide meets Common Core Standards for 6th grade and up.

Setting Up A Visit:

Author Visits are generally 50 minutes in length and a combination of an inspiring talk–with a writing activity–in a large or small group format. Get in touch with me with details of location, age range of participants, number of attendees, and a few desired dates. We’ll trade emails and decide how to best create an inspiring space for your students.  References available upon request.

I reply to emails within a few days:

Other Venues:

I write with students of all ages around the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, in between and beyond… I love inspiring participants of all ages through the wonder, magic and mystery of poem-making and creative blasts to create something with words that surprise the writer out of habitual ways of seeing/thinking/relating to the world and to themselves… (See Praise page.) Contact me for rates and dates of availability.

Venues where I’ve read/presented: The Library of Congress, Poets House; New York Public Library; Lit Quake & Kid Quake; Jewish Contemporary Museum; Book Passage Bookstore; California Poets in the Schools Statewide Conferences; San Francisco Public Library; O’Hanlon Center for the Arts; Mill Valley Public Library; The Reading Bug; Vroman’s Bookstore, and dozens of public and private elementary and middle schools…